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Solar part 2

So it’s been a busy couple of weeks but I’ve received the sunny boy inverter and some cabling to connect the panels to the inverter. Should be able to get it all connected this weekend and then ready to call an electrician to do the final inspection and connection to the grid and the house in the ac side of the inverter.

Here is the sunny boy 3000 watt inverter


Here is the three 50′ extension cables that I will be using to connect the panels to the inverter junction box.


Solar Installation Begins….

I’ve been driving electric since the mid/late 90’s, and I’ve owned my Leaf since March 2011, and I’ve had solar panels in my garage since about the same time.  I purchased 50 some-odd panels from the Solyndra bankruptcy liquidation.  I was going to put them on the roof of my old home, but then I got engaged and my fiance (now wife) was talking about moving after we got married, so I put the installation on hold.  We were going to build a home in the foothills, but after talking with several contractors, they suggested we just purchase.  It turns out it is more expensive to build a home than to just purchase at that time.  In fact most contractors will build a home for themselves and then live there two years and then build a new home and live there for two years.  All of the contractors we contacted are living in rentals or homes that they have been in for much longer because the market is so bad.  Anyhow, because of this we purchased instead of building new.  A new home with all the panels could have been done as an off-grid home which is what we wanted.  Since it is an existing home, we do not have enough room to install all the panels, so I sold most of them and just kept 12 panels to be installed and that should be enough to cover our vehicle charging needs.  So now we will be able to drive on sunshine.