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Garage repair

Our garage door has been damaged ever since we moved in. It had a temporary fix applied by the previous owner but that repair started to fail and the door was sagging and starting to crack again. I fabed up some braces and bolted them to the door to extend the temporary fix until we can save some money for a new door which will cost almost $1000. This should last a year or two I hope.

Here is the crack in the door with the previous owners repair holding it together.

So first I just make a paper template of the new “patch”.

Trace the template onto the sheetmetal.

Cut out the sheetmetal templates.

Put them in the brake and bend them 90 degrees for strength.

Here is the finished part ready for installation.

Mount the finished product to the garage door.

Leaf in for repairs

Our leaf finally had a problem. After almost three years of trouble free ownership the heater died right in the middle of that last cold snap. My wife uses the preheat before work every day and then one day it did not heat the car. Took it to the dealership on Tuesday and they could not figure it out so they gave me a rental car, another leaf. On Friday they got the OTC heater element in and replaced it but that was not the problem. So on to the next thing which is some sort of power converter. It is supposed to be in on Wednesday. Gonna be more than a week without my car. Bummer.