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Porsche progress

As I noted in my first post I have a Porsche 914 that I converted to electric in the 1990’s. I started in 1994 and finished in 1997. It was built with a dc motor and controller and consisted of 20 6v lead acid batteries for a nominal 120v pack. The car ran great in that configuration. It was about as fast as a regular 914 in a straight line but did suffer a bit in handling due to the 800 lbs of excess weight. It was still good handling mind you after I installed the heaviest auto cross suspension I could find. But it still was not up to true sports car standards.

In 2011 about the same time as we bought the Leaf I purchased a set of lithium batteries for the car. This was going to significantly increase the range and add a bit of power but also reduce the weight by the 800 lbs that were added in excess from the lead. About halfway through the upgrade project I came across a deal to upgrade the motor and controller to ac power and double the power of he car. It needed a different battery configuration so I sold the batteries and then purchased a new set of batteries in the new configuration 330v nominal.

I’ve not done much yet but I’m about to restart the project after delays due to moving into a new home in early 2012 and then the birth if our son last November.

19000 miles

We just passed 19,000 miles on our Leaf. Not really a lot for a car that is 30+ months old but it has been a very enjoyable vehicle to drive. I bought the car for myself but after my wife started using it for her commute to work I never got the keys back and she has pretty much taken over the car. She loves that she has no idea how much gas costs any longer. Now I just need to get the Porsche back on the road to regain my EV grin.

Solar part 2

So it’s been a busy couple of weeks but I’ve received the sunny boy inverter and some cabling to connect the panels to the inverter. Should be able to get it all connected this weekend and then ready to call an electrician to do the final inspection and connection to the grid and the house in the ac side of the inverter.

Here is the sunny boy 3000 watt inverter


Here is the three 50′ extension cables that I will be using to connect the panels to the inverter junction box.